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What do our participants say?

Qualitative Feedback

You do not know how many times I think about "Writing Coach" every time I communicate to anyone! It has truly been a transformation for me. Thank you for your tireless effort during the program. Millie

The good news is, since I taken the class, "simplicity" is in my mind whenever I write. I ask myself "is this what you want to tell the reader?" every time I am writing. If it not, I rewrite the entire sentence. Your class is very helpful. Thank you. Pauline

Thanks Dr Simon, I must say I am finding this course very useful . I actually went through your feedback point by point for my last revision . Amit

Dear Simon, Thank you very much for your coaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am delighted with what I have learnt. I look forward to our tutorial. Ali

I'd like to assure you that I do take more care while writing and I can feel an improvement. Of course perfection will take time and may not even be achievable! The course has been of immense use to me and anyone who asks me for a feedback will always get a positive one. At some point in time, I will also get some of own staff to attend it. Pratik

I regret [pulling out of the course] very much as I found the training enlightening and the feedback from the piece of work I did submit was extremely helpful. Notwithstanding this set back, I frequently refer to my notes from the workshop and am trying to unlearn bad habits and practice new ones. Julie

Thank you once again, for your wonderful workshop and coaching. I hope to attend your future trainings again. Please keep me posted on future opportunities. Thanks, again. Agnes

I think the course is very good and helpful. The "homework" might be an issue especially when things are busy. But, I recognize that there are no shortcuts to learning, except to practice. But in all honestly, I find this course very helpful and useful. I have picked up skills which I hope will stay with me for life. Thanks a lot for your patience! Sheng Join

Your feed-back and advices have been extremely helpful to me. I have become far more conscious about my written communications and have started applying the techniques. Partha

Your feedback is spot on. I nod as I read them. I must give time and read my own stuff before I press the send button. In time, what I have learnt from this course should get embedded in my writing style. I really appreciate your help. Patrick

This course is very valuable to me, far beyond my expectation. It changed me a lot in thinking and writing. Thank you! Scott

I applied the skills you taught me to Chinese writing and found they worked well likewise. I edited my friends' Chinese writing and felt much better to read and understand. You enabled me to appreciate the beauty of writing and have fun in practicing it. Scott

I feel that I am lucky to join this course. It is very helpful to improve my writing skill. Thank you very much. Charles

I find the program very useful and would recommend my colleagues to attend. Sandra

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance. I've learnt a lot from this course especially through the coaching sessions. I'll apply the skills I acquired in my daily work. Vanessa

I learnt a lot from the course. I am sure this will help my career as a more effective and convincing writer in a long run. Billy

Thanks for the workshop and coaching sessions. I treasure the chance to learn from you and will definitely put my learning into my work. Connie M

The writing course was good and I keep remembering to put the objective of the email as the first line. Madhu

Thanks Simon. I have found the course really very useful. What I really liked is the fact that by focusing on a few simple but key concepts you can really improve the effectiveness of your written communication.

There is no doubt that the past 6 weeks has made me think before writing.
I am always eager to receive your email as I am excited to see how I can further enhance my writing skills. KK

Once again, thank you for your time and constructive feedbacks to me. You are simply a GOOD coach!!!! KK

I'd like to thank Dr Simon for your professional coaching . I've learnt the new skills and started applying them. Amy

Thanks very much for all your help to improve my writing skill. This has been a great experience for me and it has improved my writing skill as well as my confidence in writing. I will certainly recommend some of my staff to attend this course in the near future. Victor

Thank you for your professional and kind coaching during the past three months. It really improved my writing skills, although I still need to take more efforts in future. Sophia

I really feel getting lots of achievements in this program. At the same time, I also find the gap timely in the stage of my career path. Writing Coach does really help me with this. Echo

This was a real eye-opener. Thank you so much for your invaluable feedback. It makes a lot of difference to see one's own corrected version of ��write up'. I am very interested in your coaching session & really look forward to make the best use of this time. I have spent quality time to read through your comments & redrafted my article. I hope I have done a ��fair' job. Shabana

Brilliant. Great feedback. Tremendously beneficial exercise. Peter

Very worthwhile training to have done. Peter

Thanks you very much for all your guidance and support throughout this process. While it's been a challenging road, the more important thing for me is that I have learnt a lot from the exercise. As a result I realize that I've also gained a lot of confidence in writing. Interestingly, I only recognized this increased confidence when I found myself feeling much less stressed at the thought of writing or responding to incoming communications! Thanks again for a fantastic learning journey. Siraj

Thanks for the kind coaching so far. It really helps. Jin

Overall, I feel that I improved on business writing by learning specific skills applicable for my work. Claire

I have to confess what appeared to be a very boring exercise initially turned out to be something which I really enjoyed and learnt from. Neha

Thanks once again for your guidance. The course was very useful. Ali

Thank you for your kind feedback and your hard work in providing individual tutoring to each of us. James

I think the course is very good, I enjoyed it and I think you run it very well. It will definitely help raise the standards of business writing in the Bank. In a previous life as a management consultant, I spent a lot of time writing reports and the Minto style was pretty much hard-coded in to my writing style. It's similar to what you were teaching in terms of simplicity of language and structure but not identical. In any case, I enjoy language & your course acted as a useful refresher for me. For me, I thought some of the style rules were a bit over-prescriptive (e.g. identical verb structure on bullets) but I understand why you teach them that way. The acid test is that I have recommended a few members of my team to attend. Overall, 4.9 out of 5. Simon G

Simon thanks I actually tried practicing what guidance you provided first time and am quite enjoying these write-up.

I have found the course very helpful. Many thanks for all your insights. Michael

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I'm really enjoying this style of writing, which is becoming more natural in each cycle. John

Thank you very much for the help. I am applying what you taught us. I am enjoying it. However it is difficult to shake off the bad habits. Thanks for the coaching. It has been very interesting and beneficial. Lucas

I am finding it extremely useful and I appreciate your assistance. Tracey

Indeed the course is becoming more interesting as I apply the concepts in both work and private environment. It makes you more focuses in your thought process and is very effective in achieving the desired goals. Once again, many thanks for all your assistance. I sincerely appreciate your patience in coaching me.

I have enjoyed this programme and it will go a long way in improving my communication skills

Once again, many thanks for all the support and guidance. Simon B

Thank you very much. I really feel the way I am getting the value additions. This is a wonderful transition for me. Your guidance has been immensely beneficial to me. The last topic was a real life subject of major debate and grumble. I really wish I had today's skill & guidance with me while I handled the issue. Surely there would have been near total buy-in if could handle it with today's skill. Many thanks Simon. Partha

Thanks for your feedback and perseverance during the various cycles. Given issues specific to my transition it required a bit of extra effort at my end. I have found this training very practical and useful. Vijayant

Thank you for the wonderful classroom session the other day. It was extremely useful and very engaging. I've learned a lot. Fengfeng

Dear Simon: thank you for your encouraging comments. This is indeed a sensitive message, and so I appreciate your help to make it as effective as possible. I have found the concepts you've taught so very helpful. I am more mindful on how to tighten up my writing when writing emails and memos. Look forward to next round of work! Fengfeng

Many thanks for your comments which is very helpful! Fengfeng

Your comment is very useful and interesting. Moreover, I enjoy the process of revising my writing. Michael Luo

Now, when I write, I imagine what Simon would say. This program has completely changed my outlook. Jen

I asked my colleagues about my email and they all said it was much clearer. Derrick

Thanks a lot for your helps on improving my English writing skills.The document you sent to me is very useful. Andy

Again, many thanks for the wonderful class and coaching session. You are the most discipline coach I know. Jing

Thank you for your final feedback. Your feedback has been so helpful because I can look at my own writing from a different perspective. I look forward to work on the next writing. Taehee

Of course, I found your course very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about business writing. In fact, I hope we have separate writing courses held in Seoul. Taehee

I was lucky to attend your program. I learned so much from the workshop and I believe I made some progress. Taehee

Thanks for your feedback. I have reviewed it and agree �V avoiding the passive livens up the text. Llew

The best thing about the course is that it has give me confidence. Your program has been great for me! Llew

The next challenge is to speed up the application of what I have learned. I feel like I am making a special effort for the cycle texts. My goals is for my approach to cycle texts to be the same as my approach for any text that I write. Hopefully this will come with practice and discipline. Llew

Thanks for your comments and guidance throughout the course. I enjoy the course very much and have benefitted a lot from it. Polly

Thank you very much for your help. I'm now applying all your advices and tips in my daily work. I can feel my communication becomes more efficient. Kevin

It was a great and demanding training. I will recommend it to my colleagues. Thanks again. Kevin

I hope you will continue your cooperation with [my company]. It will be highly beneficial for the company. Kevin

Anonymous Feedback

The workshop evaluation clearly highlighted (1) the essence of simple English writing (2) common mistakes made by me (3) how the program would improve these skills (4) which areas I would have to focus on.

I was able to identify the typical errors in my texts and became conscious about them.

The way the course is structured with workshop and coaching sessions is really helpful. Writing skills are reinforced every cycle when work is handed in.

Although I still need more improvement, I have to say I really benefitted a lot from this program.

It was easy to develop a rapport with the trainer and the suggestions and improvements were insightful.

My drafting skills have improved significantly. I must add that (1) in addition to improving writing skills the training has a positive effect on structuring thoughts. This has been especially helpful while communicating to senior management and providing them updates. (2) similar principles can be used in structuring presentations and other forms of written communication.

Improved through practice.

I saw a lot of improvement during the coaching stage (1) My sentences are now shorter. I try to remove all redundant words (2) I am able to organize the content in a more structured manner.

I used the learning from the workshop in my submissions. I was then allowed to consider the errors and rework on them. The requirement to submit the work in four cycles reinforced the learning and provided useful practice.

I was much clearer in communicating the benefits / value of what I wrote. I was able to communicate the message I wanted to deliver to the reader and most importantly, the value / benefits and eventually what I expect from the reader. There was a conscious effort to shorten the writing, keeping it concise and yet effective.

Dr Simon has a wealth of experience and knowledge that include various industries. It helps to appreciate how useful it is for us bankers to move away from bank-speak and focus on client-speak. It will further demonstrate our understanding of the client's personal and organizational needs for a service.

Dr Simon had been extremely effective in demonstrating the use of various techniques and its applicability. It was amazing to know how well he understood the background and objective of our writing. He was totally spot-on in demonstrating how a simple tweak could improve our communication so much.

Dr Simon had been very encouraging in the way he delivered the session. He was quick to pick up the mistakes and able to suggest alternative ways of improving the writing. He was very clear in summarising my subsequent learning objectives and deliverables.

This course makes me feel writing is fun.

The technique taught in the workshop helps me better structure my writing.

It is very appropriate for my daily work.

Through direct and effective sessions, I can apply those guidelines which help a lot in drafting.

The four rounds incite me to improve continually.

Very professional, interesting and useful course materials.

Important and useful. Nobody corrects your paper after school but this helps a lot in indentifying my weakness in writing and what needs to improve.

It takes more time and effort to write this way - but it's worth it.

Help a lot in my career to convince and communicate with people.

I already feel the difference before the class and after the class. Thank you.

The course success is a result of a huge team effort from Writing Coach.

I extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to all of you for all the effort you have put in and make this a learning experience.

I look forward to attending more courses like these and for a wonderful partnership with Writing Coach!

I learned to right more directly. I learned to use shorter sentences. I also learned that repeating creates emphasis.

Teacher was helpful and committed.

I became aware of my weaknesses and the areas I should work on.

Noticeable improvement in the way I approach writing.

I learned how to create a better impact on the reader. The feedback was essential to understand how my own piece of writing could be changed. This helped me change my mindset towards the way I write.

The trainer's cooperation and involvement was key to the course.

Great course! Thanks for all the help and support. Special thanks to Helen.

Appreciate your kind and valuable comments.

Thanks for all the hard work in reviewing my reports.

Your coaching is very useful and supportive to enhance my writing skill.

Thanks for your feedback, it's very insightful as always.

The trainer was approachable and encouraging.

I am structuring better, writing more linked sentences etc.

I did not realise how much I had to improve until I went for this training!

Trainer had handled the coaching very well.

Trainer provided the useful tip to improve drafting skills.

More clarity of thought now in drafting papers.

Highly satisfactory overall.

The interaction was good.

Nicely conducted. Trainer has discussed live examples.

I am also mindful of the style to ensure clear message is being delivered.

My text structure has been improved better.

I understood more on what good article is and how to write good article.

I learned to use simple sentences instead of lengthy, complex ones.

I received more positive feedback from audience after I developed writing skills during coaching.

I got good feedback from my reader.

Very practical.

Came away armed with a few readily-usable skills.

Impact of email seems greater from reader's responses.

One day was the ideal length of time and the mix of lectures and exercises was about right.

Simon knew his subject matter very well.

The workshop explained several techniques that I was able to use during the workshop exercises.

First rate.

I have been getting positive feedback since the course.

Simon is an excellent trainer. He articulates his thoughts and feedback very well. He is also very encouraging and supporting.

I've received a lesser number of questions or clarifications since I enrolled in this course.

I valued very much the detailed feedback.

Outstanding trainer!

I've become far more confident with my written communication.

Extremely useful!


I really enjoyed working with Dr Miles . He answered my queries very well.

Excellent trainers.

I pay more attention to the impact on my readers.

Simon delivers very clear and useful feedback. He also motivates participants well. I found the comments on draft submissions very useful.

Was very useful in providing tools and base for the coaching session.

I now have a greater awareness of the areas covered in the course when writing.

This was a good workshop even though this was my first time to attend such a course.

The trainer was well organized and has excellent communication skills. The trainer has sufficient knowledge and always provide candid feedback.

My drafting skills have improved and this will be perfected through practice.

I find the new style of writing to be more effective when communicating by e-mail.

I have a better understanding of how to make my sentence structure simple, with the reader in mind at all times.

Simon was extremely flexible with his time. He was also very responsive with each evaluation taking less than 36 hours.

The feedback was very clear on where I could improve my writing skills. It was therefore quite easy to make slight adjustments in my writing style. These adjustments resulted in clearer, sharper writing.

Training was helpful and I found the focused attn useful.

My thought process around structure and presentation of written work has improved.

The program was involving. I actively used the material from the workshop.

Have received positive feedback from colleagues on a piece of work that benefited from the program.

This is a well experienced trainer with excellent communication skills. The trainer's comments were candid and assisted me in improving my drafting skills.

I used my contributions to the various Risk Committees for my submissions and these were real and current submissions.

The course has improved my drafting skills. I now get less questions from the intended audiences.

Found the trainer very helpful.

With attn to detail I felt a clear improvement.

Excellent support provided.

The trainer gave sufficient feedback on both my strengths and weaknesses. I am fully aware on what to focus on to enhance my skills.

The course changed and improved my drafting skills. The drafting skills will be improved further through practice and getting feedback from the intended audience.

Good Trainer!

Simon helped me to remember �Vusing simple, easy to understand English, and also positive tone for presenting ideas/thoughts.

The workshop is useful and practical.

My trainer is excellent.

The course is well designed.

I learned how to attract the reader and express myself in simple & effective way.

The coach program is practical and effective.

I have made great improvement in writing.

The structure and organization is literally improved as I applied the skill. I felt more comfortable to communicate ideas in English in work.

The web tutorial is a useful learning source. I have got my feedback directly.

The workshop is for us to understand the concept first. Indeed, I think this workshop should be promoted to management level and credit approvers. It is more useful and effective if the management can encourage subordinate to use Plain English skills in business communication.

Coaching Session helps us to practice our skill and get improvement.

Gave me good foundation knowledge.

Trainer used live examples and demonstrations.

My writing skills improved through use of short sentences, active verbs and highlighting key points.

The trainer pace made it easier to grasp the concepts. Furthermore he was patient in guiding me through the programme.

The course led to me making a great shift from the traditional way of writing to a focused and direct way using the simple English skills which I acquired during the training.

As a native speaker I found the course interesting.

No issues. Fun environment.

You were very supportive.

I think more about how to get the main point across in the least amount of words.

Now I know how to make my communication much more effective, meaningful and result oriented. I can see what is important for the recipient and how to keep him engaged in the topic.

The trainer encouraged participation of every one. Feedback was very encouraging and motivated participants to do more.

I learnt a lot from the program. I can now communicate more effectively.

Feedback inspired me to improve.

I used feedback for continuous improvement.

The assignments were well structured and supported what I learnt on the first day in the classroom situation.

Trainer made sure I grasped the concepts despite the fact that I had to leave midway on the first day of training as I was not feeling well. The trainer ensured that I was quickly brought up to speed through the assignments and effective coaching.

I as much as possible made the submissions work related to make the learning more practical.

I am now more focused and direct in my drafting skills. Furthermore I try and put myself in the shoes of the target audience and anticipate their questions thereby proactively managing the communication process.

No doubt that my drafting skills have improved. I think a little bit more before I write anything.

Effectiveness & organizational skills showed marked improvement.

My writing seems to be more concise and in fact I have become more critical of other peoples approach to writing.

Very interesting experience and on-the-spot dialogue was very beneficial.

Simon is a very good listener and patient with valid comments. Thanks again.

The Trainer did a super job and I greatly benefitted from the program.

More focused and direct. My communication skills are more effective.

I think the Bank will benefit from more "to the point" writing.

The atmosphere was like "We are in this together" . It was a pleasure.

I can now communicate more effectively than before.

Organization and structure of message improved significantly.

I recommend this training for staff interacting with clients.

The trainer showed mastering of communication.

I really improved the way I communicate; positive feedback from colleagues.

This has direct impact on my role.

The review of key points to have more impact in email communication is very helpful.

The program was organized well.

He gave me practical advice that I can use in my daily work communications.

I received positive comments from my team on the organization of my arguments.

The workshop evaluation clearly highlighted (1) the essence of simple English writing (2) common mistakes made by me (3) how the program would improve these skills (4) which areas I would have to focus on.

Although I still need more improvement, I have to say I really benefit a lot from this program.

The way the course is structure with workshop and coaching sessions are really helpful. Writing skills are reinforced every cycle when work in handed in.

I have learnt a lot from this course. I can see improvements in a few areas.
1. My sentences are now shorter. I try to remove all redundant words
2. I am able to organise the content in a more structured manner.

I was able to identify the typical errors in my texts and became conscious about them.

It was easy to develop a rapport with the trainer and the suggestions and improvements were insightful.

I saw a lot of improvement during the coaching stage: (1) My sentences are now shorter. I try to remove all redundant words (2) I am able to organise the content in a more structured manner.

I used the learning from the workshop in my submissions. I was then allowed to consider the errors and rework on them. The requirement to submit the work in four cycles reinforced the learning and provided useful practice.

Dr Simon had been extremely effective in demonstrating the use of various techniques and its applicability. It was amazing to know how well he understood the background and objective of our writing. He was totally spot-on in demonstrating how a simple tweak could improve our communication so much.

Yes. I recommend that my colleagues in the proposal should attend this workshop and coaching session with Dr Simon.

I learnt to shorten my sentences, remove redundant words and structure my text in a better way.

I can write simple and easy to understand writing after attending the course. The number of replies for clarification by email is much reduced.

I liked the interactive and practical orientation of the course. The exercises encouraged usage of the skills being taught immediately. Immediate usage increases the chances of me understanding and remembering the concepts.

Simon's course delivery and constructive feedback show that he is not only passionate about the subject but he practices what he preaches.

I became aware of areas I could improve. However, if we did not have the follow up program I don't believe I would have gained full benefit.

Meeting every cycle deadline was tough. However, enforced due dates were useful. Enforced due dates meant that I continuously practiced what I learnt.

My writing is now much clearer that when I first started. The skills that I learnt in the course are constantly in mind when I write now. Through constant use, the time taken to draft and write my texts using these improved methods is also reducing.

Simon's feedback on my overall performance was quite thorough. More than I had anticipated, which was excellent. I liked that we looked retrospectively and looked forward.

Though Simon is very knowledgeable, he creates a warm and encouraging learning environment. His constant encouragement means he came across as very approachable.

This course has been really interesting and challenging. I look forward to see the achievements that I will have made at the end of this course. I have enjoyed it so far.

Thank you for tutorial & feedback. I really enjoyed and learnt a lots of skills in writing.

I've received quick responses to my e-mails recently. I think it's a good result by the training.

I am starting to be aware of various skills for writing more concise and well organized text.

Learnt some useful writing skills such as frontloading, question-type-sub-heading and listing.

Guidance was provided throughout the course.

The workshop gave me the theory and understanding of what formed a good writing skills.

Very worthwhile. The presenter kept the session very interesting.

Challenging to commit time, but worthwhile commitment.

Got familiar with the writing skills learnt in the workshop by practising them several times.

I felt that this course made me aware and conscientious of what and how I write.

The coaching provided a consistent approach to learning.

Got useful advice for further development.

Even now I've received reply to my e-mail without asking twice or more. I think it's progress in my writing skill.

The handouts significantly exceeded my expectations. The inclusion of real life case studies from [my company] resulted in them being the most relevant and interesting course notes I have ever used.

I learned how to structure writing and how to organise sentences, especially using sub-headings and simple sentences.

My interactions with Simon were very effective. He was always prompt, relevant and the messages he gave in the feedback process were consistent with course objectives.

This is the stage of the course where my writing developed the most. I was able to apply all of the feedback received to both my re-drafts and everyday texts. This form of follow up is a refreshing change from what I have seen on other courses. I enjoyed the interaction and it made the concepts 'stick' and the application easier.

My writings before and after this program are totally different in terms of structure and use of languages. Now I try to re-read my own writing from reader's point of view.