1. Writing Coach has a higher impact per dollar than conventional writing skills courses.

Writing Coach does not only develop the skills needed to write effectively, it:

- transfers skills from the classroom environment into the workplace environment and measures application of these skills to workplace writing.
- develops the habits which ensure that writing skills are retained over time.

2. Writing Coach can demonstrate that you have spent your training budget wisely.

Writing Coach is also more measurable than conventional writing skills courses. This is because we evaluate each participant's skills:

- several times throughout the coaching period.
- against six assessment criteria each time.
- against your organization's communication goals.

Writing Coach provides a detailed statistical analysis of the participants' performance and the participants' evaluation of the program.

Each participant gets his or her own comprehensive report.
3. Writing Coach suits groups who are geographically dispersed and/or groups which have a wide range of ability, job nature or status.

Writing Coach works with individuals through email and web-conference, after the initial workshop. This means that participants:

- do not need to be in one place for the duration of the program.
- can experiment with their writing and discuss issues specific them within a personal and safe environment.
- can steer their own development and so meet personal needs as well as workplace needs.

4. Writing Coach participants achieve workplace deadlines and get to spend time with their family.

Participants manage their own schedule but remain part of a coordinated program. Despite it being primarily a one-to-one program, participants interact with others.

5. Writing Coach participants stay motivated.

Participants can connect good performance on the program with immediate successes at work. Goals and interim milestones are identified, and progress is measured. Each participant's coach is always available to them.