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You’re about to discover a skills development program that really works. Derived from a project at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, this program not only develops the skills required to write well, it develops a new mindset; a new way of thinking about writing at work. A new way of thinking leads to new habits replacing old habits

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What do we do?

What do we do?

We train participants to write strategically

This will help them think more strategically – They cause action, they cause change, they influence others, they lead, they solve problems.

We train participants to write clearly

This will help them think more clearly – They analyze and synthesize information more quickly, they predict readers’ needs more accurately and they express every idea in simpler, more natural language.

We train participants to write authentically

This will help them build relationships with their readers – They avoid conflict, they show empathy and cultural sensitivity, they collaborate, they take ownership, they become more honest, open, and humble.

Why do our programs work so well?

  • Blended Programs
  • Standalone Sessions
  • Online Independent Learning

Blended Programs

Blended programs are by far the best way to develop good writing habits.

Our programs blend virtual or face-to-face sessions with pre-session tasks and post-session coaching.

Our blended programs ensure each participant:

  • enjoys the benefits of an interactive, peer-learning environment and then a highly personalized coaching environment
  • transfers his/her new skills from the classroom environment into his/her workplace environment
  • works only on his/her own workplace writing tasks throughout the coaching phase
  • develops good writing habits that he/she retains in the long-term.

Our blended programs measure progress

Clients will receive a detailed statistical analysis of each participant’s performance and of the group’s performance.

We measure each participant’s skills:
  • several times throughout the coaching period
  • against a range of evaluation criteria each time
  • against your organization’s communication goals.

Standalone Sessions

Our virtual or face-to-face sessions exploit opportunities for peer learning. Participants discover key principles and skills for themselves through analysis and discussion. They acquire the skills by collaborating on practice activities.

Online Independent Learning

Our online independent learning modules also guide each participant as he or she discovers the key principles and skills. The modules provide each participant with opportunities to practice the skills and to develop strategies for ongoing independent learning.

My Writing Coach Ltd

Dr Miles established the company in 2006 after several years working for the Centre of Professional and Business English at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Universtiy.

The company has taught more than 6,000 professionals, face-to-face, in 22 countries and across all common sectors. My Writing Coach Ltd. has offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

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Our Staff

Dr Simon Miles

BSc (Hons), PhD, RSA Cert. TEFLA [1], Cambridge Dip. ELTA [2]

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Bryan Beaton

BSc (Hons), MA (TESOL) [1]

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Alison Ridley

BA (Hons) English, PGDip [1] (Applied Linguistics), Cambridge Dip. ELTA [2]

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Bill Lawrence

BA, JD, MA, CTBE [1]

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Vicki Vinning

BA (Hons) Sociology and Educational Research, BSC Healthcare Management, NVQ Reflective Practice

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How effective are our programs? Evaluations

1400 Participants rated from 0 to 10 the extent to which they agreed with the statement, “I would recommend this program to my colleagues”. Their average score was 9.6. This means that the participants were extremely likely to promote the program to their colleagues.

Please enquire about our Net Promotor Scores (NPS)


Thanks Dr Simon, I must say I am finding this course very useful . I actually went through your feedback point by point for my last revision.

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 This training forced me to remind myself and to apply skills by submitting my writing. This training is VERY useful – I can directly apply it to my daily work. This is different from any other training I have received. I shared as well with my line manager and colleagues.

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You do not know how many times I think about “Writing Coach” every time I communicate to anyone! It has truly been a transformation for me. Thank you for your tireless effort during the program.

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The training was really effective in improving overall my writing as well as business communication. I am hoping that more of my employees will be able to join this valuable training. Thanks for your heart-felt efforts and dedication to this training.

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I’d like to assure you that I do take more care while writing and I can feel an improvement. Of course perfection will take time and may not even be achievable! The course has been of immense use to me and anyone who asks me for a feedback will always get a positive one. At some point in time, I will also get some of own staff to attend it.

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Dear Simon, Thank you very much for your coaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am delighted with what I have learnt. I look forward to our tutorial.

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Taking this opportunity, I would like to highlight that this EWW skill course was the one of the most helpful learning courses in my 17-year banking career. I do recommend as many of my colleagues in Korea as possible to take this class.

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Must admit, this was one of the best trainings I have attended in my career thus far. Excellent material and delivery.

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The good news is, since I taken the class, “simplicity” is in my mind whenever I write. I ask myself “is this what you want to tell the reader?” every time I am writing. If it not, I rewrite the entire sentence. Your class is very helpful. Thank you.

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