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What do we do?

What do we do?

  1. We train participants to write strategically

    This will help them think more strategically –
    They cause action, they cause change, they influence others, they lead, they solve problems.

  2. We train participants to write clearly

    This will help them think more clearly –
    They analyze and synthesize information more quickly, they predict readers’ needs more accurately and they express every idea in simpler, more natural language.

  3. We train participants to write authentically

    This will help them build relationships with their readers –
    They avoid conflict, they show empathy and cultural sensitivity, they collaborate, they take ownership, they become more honest, open, and humble.

Why do our programs work so well?

Why do our programs work so well?

We blend tailored workshops with personal coaching and personal tutorials

We ensure each participant:

– enjoys the benefits of an interactive, peer-learning environment and a highly personalized coaching environment

– transfers his/her new skills from the classroom environment into his/her workplace environment

– works only on his or her own workplace writing tasks throughout the coaching phase

– develops good writing habits that he/she retains in the long-term.

We measure progress.

You will receive a detailed statistical analysis of each participant’s performance and of the group’s performance.

We measure each participant’s skills:

– several times throughout the coaching period
– against a range of evaluation criteria each time
– against your organization’s communication goals.

How effective is our program?

We surveyed 1,400 recent participants

  • 44%

    They perceived that they had improved by 44% after the program.

  • 9.4 10

    They rated the extent to which they agreed with the statement,
    “I would recommend this program to my colleagues” at an average of 9.4 out of 10.0.

  • 86.1 100.0

    They awarded us a Net Promotor Score of 86.1/100.0 To read more about NPS, click here

  • 22%

    They improved their writing skills by 22% during the coaching phase alone.

How do our programs work?

Our programs blend workshop training with personal coaching and personal tutorials. After the workshop, each participant receives 3 or 4 cycles of personal coaching. In each cycle, the participant receives guidance on his or her own workplace writing.

  • Workshop


    Environment – Classroom
    Interaction – Group
    Skills – Acquisition

  • Coaching


    Environment – Workplace
    Interaction -Individual
    Skills – Application

  • Personal


    Environment – Workplace
    Interaction -Individual
    Skills – Retention

During the coaching cycle, each participant:

  1. benefits from collaborative, peer learning and then from individual attention.
  2. transfers his or her skills under supervision from the classroom into the workplace
  3. applies new skills within his or her own context
  4. unlearns old habits and develops new ones.