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We ensure that each participant:

  • negotiates clear objectives with his or her line manager
  • shares with others what he or she already knows about workplace writing and what challenges he or she faces
  • collaborates with others during the session to encourage peer learning
  • discovers key principles and skills for himself or herself so that the cognitive impact is greater and so that he or she retains the skills for longer
  • practices each skill in a controlled way and then in a freer way so that he or she is equipped to use the skills independently after the session.


  • Driving Action and Change by Email
  • Communicating Complex Ideas Simply
  • Managing Relationships by Email
  • Writing Proposals and Reports
  • Writing Meeting Minutes
  • Research Writing – Financial
  • Two Days F2F

  • One Day F2F

  • 3 hours F2F or Virtual

  • 1.5 hrs Lunch’n’Learn F2F or Virtual