Bryan Beaton

As a corporate trainer and a teacher trainer, with over 30 years’ experience in India, Hong Kong and China, and as a long-time contributor to Writing Coach Ltd, Bryan Beaton is a cornerstone of our business. Alongside his work for us, Bryan has held senior positions in corporate communications. Bryan’s position as a Senior Culture and Communication Specialist with Microsoft in Bangalore, India was the culmination of his thirty years’ experience. In that role, Bryan was instrumental in aligning the writing output from a wide range of cultures and language proficiencies. He brings with him those critical skills; exactly the skills we need at Writing Coach Ltd.

In collaboration with Dr Simon Miles, Bryan helped pioneer the blending of workshop training and coaching that became the Writing Coach model. Our model allows Bryan to apply specific training or coaching skills in a targeted way. His energy and considerable affability create a vigorous yet intimate learning environment in the training room. His strategic approach to the coaching helps writers transform the way they write without overloading them. His attentiveness and compassion create a strong bond with each participant within which they feel they can ask questions and test hypotheses. Writers emerge with new, sustainable levels of competency in writing.

Bryan’s focus has been in the finance and legal sectors, while he’s maintained his connections to the public sector. His specialist areas of interest include self-directed, life-long learning and cultural influences on workplace writing.

For over a decade, Bryan has been a certified examiner for the University of Cambridge suite of exams, including IELTS. He is an active member of Toastmasters International.
Bryan is a Canadian, a native speaker and a long-term resident of both Hong Kong and India.