Dr Simon Miles

Dr Simon Miles is a writing trainer and coach with a mission to help business leaders and technical professionals cause action and influence people. He’s worked at senior levels in the high-powered world of finance for well over 20 years. Clients have included national financial regulators, the world’s biggest investment banks and the best-known insurance companies. He’s trained and coached several thousand people globally, and he’s delivered workshops, face-to-face in 22 countries.

Since 2006, Simon has managed a team of exceptional trainers and coaches. Each is qualified to a high level in training and each has more than 15 years of training experience. Earlier in his career, Dr Miles ran the corporate training division of the Centre for Professional and Business English (CPBE) at the HK Polytechnic University. In addition to mentoring trainers and overseeing the development of materials for corporate clients, Dr Miles also conducted in-depth programs to develop teaching skills, thus opening up a new and valuable source of talent for the HK training industry. Simon has lived in Asia since 1993.